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Issue 7 – 2020 - read full issue

Issue: 7 | 2020-01-11

Review Article

Music-Based Interventions in the Acute Setting for patients with Dementia – protocol for a systematic review - read full article

By: Lídia Sousa, Orii Mcdermott, Justine Schneider, and Lia Fernandes

Population ageing and the exponential rise in dementia prevalence make it imperative to rethink dementia care. The utilization of non-pharmacological interventions to promote wellbeing and manage behavioral and psychological symptoms is increasingly recommended. Music-based interventions have been stated as promising options, according to recent studies, conducted in long term care setting. There seems to be a gap in the literature regarding its utilization in the acute setting, with patients with dementia. We intend to perform a pioneer review combining evidence from individual studies in a systematic approach with clear, transparent and rigorous criteria, complying with the PRISMA checklist. The publication in advance of literature review protocols, preferentially including detailed search queries, is highly recommended, in order to ensure clarity and rigor of the process and to inform the scientific community about work in progress. In this stance, we present the protocol for a literature review that we believe will be very informative both for clinical and academic purposes.

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