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Issue: Issue 5 (2018) – Supplement 1

Guest Editorial

Lisbon Stroke Summit 2018—deep into the stroke patient management decisions

Ana Paiva Nunes and Elsa Azevedo
After the success of its first edition, Lisbon Stroke Summit 2018 focus again in the stroke patient management decisions. Along with the pros and cons debate of unsolved issues, difficult clinical cases are discussed by the stroke experts of this international forum. In a world of clinical trials where we try to prove the benefits of an intervention in a big sample, sometimes we forget that patients are all different, and we need to come back to the old meetings discussing them individually. Our patient might have features not compatible with the strict inclusion and exclusion criteria of the trials, and therefore our concern is the patients who do not fit the guidelines. This meeting aims to join vascular clinicians, internists and neurologists, as well as neurointerventionalists, from different countries and with different perspectives, but having in common the experience of treating patients with stroke. All the knowledge gathered in this meeting will certainly help all the participants to better understand and manage the most challenging clinical cases of their practice. We believe that this perspective of returning to the basics in medicine, to the individual patient, is needed and should be stimulated because it is the core of clinical practice.

From the Lisbon Stroke Summit, Lisbon, Portugal. 6–7 April 2018.

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2018; 5(Suppl. 1):S1
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