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Issue: Issue 4 (2017)

Review Article

Information needs of family caregivers of dependent individuals

Pedro Nuno Neves, Carlos Sequeira, Lleixà-Fortuño Mar, Lia Sousa, and Carme Ferre-Grau
The increase in the number of dependent individuals means that more and more families find themselves in the situation of caregivers, with all the consequences that performing this role entails. Based on this reality, we considered it to be completely relevant to systematize knowledge in this area. This study aimed to identify the information needs of the family caregiver-dependent individuals in the available scientific literature, having performed an integrative review of the literature. The main results and conclusions indicate that the information needs of family caregivers can be grouped into three main themes: 1) caregiver knowledge and skills, 2) potential resources for the caregiver and 3) caregiver coping strategies and well-being. The comprehensive nature of the integrative review as the chosen method allowed us to get a good understanding of the information needs of family caregivers of dependent individuals. The relevance of this study to clinical practice is that, although it is still necessary to expand and enhance the scope of research in this area, we consider this information essential for all health professionals seeking to provide effective support to family caregivers, as well as to serve as support for the development of intervention projects and health services.

Keywords: Information needs, Health literacy, Family caregivers, Dependent individuals.

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2017; 4:5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21035/ijcnmh.2017.4.5
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