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Issue: Issue 3 (2016) – Supplement 3

Guest Editorial

Advances on the diagnosis of idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system

Joana Guimarães
Diagnosis of acquired demyelinating syndromes can sometimes be delayed due to lack of awareness for these group of pathologies among clinicians, consequently, treatment opportunities may be missed. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most frequent disease of this group of acquired demyelinating syndromes and diagnosis is usually based on proof of disease dissemination in space and time, after exclusion of other disorders. With the advent of new drug therapies and the evidence that early treatment has significant long term benefits, it is extremely important to make an early, accurate diagnosis of MS; additionally, several MS mimics may require alternative treatments for best long-term outcome. In this Special Issue we present an overview of the recent advances on diagnosis of idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating diseases of the CNS and also case reports that illustrate real clinical practice, hoping that these will be useful for clinicians caring for patients with demyelinating syndromes. In the last selected paper, the inflammatory perspective of depression in the context of chronic immune-mediated diseases, will be discussed.

Special Issue on Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases of the Central Nervous System

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2016; 3(Suppl. 3):S01
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21035/ijcnmh.2016.3(Suppl.3).S01
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