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Issue: Issue 3 (2016)

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Mindfulness-based intervention in cancer recovery: a pilot feasibility study in a Portuguese sample

José Carlos Lopes, Sandra Vilarinho, Vera Afreixo, Luís Almeida, Francisco Luís Pimentel, and David Shannon
Objectives: The aim of the present study was to assess, through a pilot randomised controlled trial, the feasibility and efficacy of a mindfulness-based intervention in oncology (MBIO) with Portuguese cancer patients, considering that such kind of interventions can be conditioned by cultural factors and that most studies have been carried out in countries with a different ethos. 
Methods: A Portuguese version of an eight-week MBIO was delivered to 26 ambulatory cancer patients, aged between 46 and 64 years, attending two hospital centres in Portugal. Patients’ health-related quality of life (QoL) and mindfulness processes were assessed before (T1), just after (T2), and 12 weeks following the programme (T3), with self-reported measures, using validated Portuguese versions of two scales: the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire-Core 30 and the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale. 
Results: At T2, the attrition rate was null for the intervention group and 36% for the control group. Compared to controls and in reference to base-line (T1), participants in the intervention group had significantly (p ? 0.05) improved (a) QoL function score at T2, and (b) QoL global health status, total score and symptom score at T3. Mindfulness approached a significant (p = 0.12) positive change at T2. 
Conclusion: Overall, findings indicate that MBIOs may be feasible and effective in a Portuguese sample, opening up perspectives for larger scale studies, with more representative samples of the Portuguese population. 

Keywords: Cancer; Oncology; Mindfulness; Mindfulness-Based Intervention; Quality of Life.

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2016; 3:4
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21035/ijcnmh.2016.3.4
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