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Issue: Issue 3 (2016) – Supplement 1


MoCA vs MMSE in post stroke patients

Sokrat Xhaxho, Jora Xhaxho, Joana Hankollari, Brunilda Xhaxho, and Jera Kruja
Introduction: Both the MMSE and the MoCA are routine cognitive screening tests rated on a 30-point scale. Neither test is very detail oriented and both would likely be used only for initial screening. The MoCA discriminates very well between normal cognition and mild impairment or dementia, but it’s too difficult for moderate to severe conditions, while the MMSE is likely a better test for more severe conditions. Aim: To evaluate the cognition in post stroke patients. To see if there is any difference between MoCA and MMSE tests and determine which one is the best to use in order to better evaluate the cognition in those patients. Methods: We included in this study 100 patients 24-48 h post stroke that were hospitalized in Clinic of Neurology, in University Hospital Centre “Mother Teresa”, Tirana. We evaluated each of them with MoCA and MMSE test one after the other. At the end we compared the mean of the points for each test. Results: We have a mean of 21.6 points for MoCA test and 23.75 points for MMSE test (normal 26 points for MoCA test and 27 points for MMSE test). There is a difference of 2.15 points between the tests. P=0.00766 that means that the difference is statistically significant. Conclusions: Cognition is an affected function in 24-48 h post stroke patients. The best way to evaluate this is MoCA test.

Special Issue on Controversies in Neurology. From the 10th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy), Lisbon, Portugal. 17–20 March 2016.

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2016; 3(Suppl. 1):P37
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