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Issue: Issue 2 (2015) – Supplement 1


Malingering and self harm: a case study

Telma Santos, Ema Conde, R. Leite Almeida, João Alcafache, and Vitor Santos
Introduction: In clinical practice, malingering is not considered a form of mental illness or psychopathology, although it can occur in the context of other mental illnesses.

Objectives and Methods: The aim of this work is to expose a case study about malingering in a 44 years old female admitted in the Baixo Vouga Hospitalar Centre Psychiatric ward.

Results: She claimed being victim of several physical and pshychological attacks by neighbors and brothers which resulted in multiple burns injuries, most of all on the face. During the hospitalization she admitted the deliberate self-harm authorship. On an ongoing basis we found a severe personality disorder which conditioned all patient life.

Discussion and Conclusions: Despite of malingering is unfrequent clinicians should be aware of this possibility and be competent enough to identify it, tactfully and nonjudgmentally, presenting inconsistencies to the patient and offer a face-saving way out of the interaction.

From the 23rd EFPT Forum, Porto, Portugal. 22–27 June 2015.

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2015; 2(Suppl. 1):P84
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