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Issue: Issue 2 (2015) – Supplement 1


“The Spirit Vine”

F. Leite, P. Carvalho, H. Salgado, C. Cochat, M. Queirós, and O. Campos
Introduction: Ayahuasca is a natural psychedelic brew prepared from Amazonian plants and rich in dimethyltryptamine and harmine. Throughout time, humans have used psychoactive plants and plant-derived products for spiritual, therapeutic and recreational purposes.

Objectives: To review the evidence regarding the use of ayahuasca for medical purposes.

Methods: Online search/review of the literature has been carried out, using Medline/Pubmed, concerning “ayahuasca”.

Results: Ayahuasca has been used as a pharmacological tool by therapists to treat mental conditions such as substance addiction.

Conclusions: There is little understanding of the neuroscience behind ayahuasca, however recent evidence suggests that its use can be beneficial under some circunstances.

From the 23rd EFPT Forum, Porto, Portugal. 22–27 June 2015.

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2015; 2(Suppl. 1):P48
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