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Issue: Issue 2 (2015) – Supplement 1


Health planning in Portugal

F. Parra da Silva
The Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting is working towards: (1) better understanding of terminology; (2) better monitoring of the HWF by access to timely data; (3) updated information on mobility and migration trends in the EU; (4) guidelines on quantitative and qualitative HWF planning methodology; (5) increased quantitative and qualitative planning capacity; (6) estimation of future skills and competencies needed in the health workforce; (7) a platform of cooperation to find possible solutions on the expected shortage of HWF; and (8) a higher impact of HWF planning and forecasts on policy decision making. 
Portugal, with this project, aims to: (1) improve the planning of medical specialists; (2) improve planning of HWF in less attractive and more needed areas; and (3) improve the methodology for identifying the needs of health professionals.
Portugal has already a database characterizing the existing stock of health professionals in the NHS. We are trying to complete the database with information from the private sector (a specific law has already been approved in general, in the Parliament, and is now being in specialty analysis).
For doctors and nurses we are trying to: (1) anticipate imbalances (supply vs demand) for medium and long term; (2) improve the knowledge on mobility of professionals within the EU; and (3) build tools that allow managing and adjusting the training capacity.
For dentists and pharmacists the scope of the pilot project considers measuring the current stock. 
This project considers the stakeholders within the Ministry of Health and the external ones, like others ministries, universities and professional associations.
About the involvement of stakeholders, we’ve had a first meeting, beginning 2014, and are planning a new one, next month. This aims at involving them in the planning process consistent with our own characteristics. 
And then, at the end of the pilot project (March 2016) we to measure the improvements in the period of the project.
The Pilot Study is working on a fixed term project to support national authorities in the implementation of models, procedures and tools, following the handbook produced in the framework of the Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting.

From the 23rd EFPT Forum, Porto, Portugal. 22–27 June 2015

International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health 2015; 2(Suppl. 1):L38

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